About Us


Heather's T.R.E.E. was born from heartache. Brutally murdered on September 11, 2007, the death of my daughter, Heather, forever changed the lives of everyone who loved her.

Determined to continue her legacy of love and work through our own pain, we have established this web site in an effort to help protect others in similar situations by educating the public about the danger of drugs and domestic violence, raising funds to provide change and optimism for those who need it and insuring that Heather's life goes on in our hearts and those we help through this process.

A Human Life is a Gift

From the day our children are born, until they grow into adulthood, as parents, we try to protect them. We entrust them to others as they give parts of themselves away. We are constantly worried, but allow them to grow, not wanting to taint their views of the world but at the same time, knowing they will feel their share of pain.

We cannot totally spare them of their experiences, so we love them with all our heart and soul, and we pray they will find happiness, love, safety and security making a difference in other's lives, as they do in ours. And should they leave this world before us, we must go on, so they will never be forgotten and the lives they lived on this earth, will not be in vain.